Stock up on your other filters while you’re thinking about it!

Step 1. What Filter Do You Need?

Select the filter that most closely matches the one in your fridge.

Keurig Compatible Filters 12-pack

Keurig Compatible Filters 6-pack

Reusable Keurig Compatible K-cups (4-pack purple)

Reusable Keurig Compatible K-carafes (2-pack regular)

Reusable Keurig Compatible K-carafes (2-pack corrosion-proof)

Keurig Compatible Starter Kit 1.0

Keurig Compatible Starter Kit 2.0

Reusable Keurig Compatible K-cups (4-pack black)

If your existing filter looks like on of these, then it’s the right one, as there are no close lookalikes. Click 'ADD' above. You can always change your filter type later on if you change refrigerators or got the wrong one.


If you have any kind of coffee maker, now is the time to upgrade your filters for it. It's time to taste the difference that a proper K&J filter can make.

Jura Clearyl Blue Compatible Filter

Jura Clearyl White Compatible Filter

Keurig Compatible Filters 12-pack

Cuisinart Compatible Filters

Breville Activated Carbon Compatible Filters

Breville Ion Exchange Compatible Filters

Capresso 4440.90 Compatible Filters

Mr Coffee Compatible Filters

Keurig Compatible Filters 6-pack


If you have a pet fountain, please check below to see if we carry a filter for it. Might as well upgrade that, too, while you’re thinking of it!

Drinkwell Platinum Compatible Filters

Replendish Compatible Filters

Cat Mate/Dog Mate Compatible Filters