Product Information

GE GSWF Compatible Filter (KJ GSWF)

Delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great Reduces sediment, lead, cysts, and turbidity in your water and ice.


HIGHEST QUALITY FILTRATION - The activated carbon in K&J's MWF replacement is ground ultra-fine to increase surface area exposure to water, removing more contaminants using the same amount of filter space. This results in the cleanest-tasting, purest water.

EXTRACTS CONTAMINANTS - K&J ensures the highest standard of contaminant retention, including filtering out 99.99% of chlorine and sediment.

IMPROVES WATER TASTE - In addition to keeping you safe from unwanted chemicals and particulates, this filter is designed to even remove off-flavors and odors. There is nothing quite like the taste of 100% pure water!

Feature Compatibility:

100749-C 100749C 100810/A 100810A 111517 215C1152P002 238C2334P001 35917-MN-1 46-9914 469914 49W942 7619607 9914 AP3418061 EAP951515 GE-GSWF GHPGSWF GSWF GSWFDS GTH22SHP GTS18KHP GTS18SHP GTS22KHP PC36011 PC56994 PC58696 PDS20MCP PDS20SCP PDS22MCP PDS22SCP PDS22SHR PFCS1NJWSS PS951515 PTS22LHP PTS22SHP PTS25LHP PTS25SHP 9914 RWF1061